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3 Great PPT Templates

To inspire and delight

Sick of your tired, old PowerPoint template? I know the feeling! Sometimes the best way to get inspired is to just look around and see what good stuff is out there. Below are 3 solid PPT Templates sure to give you some solid ideas about how to give your tired research PPT's a much needed face lift.

Mag Style: This cool fresh template borrows some creative elements from fashion magazine editorials to bring information to life. The color palette is elegant and clean, with a touch of transparency to provide subtle contrast.

Neue Grayscale: This sleek and modern design is perfect for those that want a super clean template with great white space. Add a tiny pop of color in a few of these charts, and this would be fantastic for any ultra modern client.

Wild & Yellow: Now I know this one is a little wild, but sometimes to get inspired you need to take a journey to the edge. This template is a bit out there, but the use of abstract shapes and lines is really interesting. Typically I hate any chart in 3D, but a few of these are not too shabby.

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