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    A creative agency for the world's most important research stories

    We are a design firm that specializes in data visualization and storytelling. Our mission is to make research beautiful. To give "data" color, a story, a voice that moves people to act. We work with the world's leading research and communication firms to bring their data to life through motion video, infographics, and interactive data visualization.


    Research firms, agencies, NGOs, and consulting firms that share meaningful data-driven stories.


    We specialize in three basic deliverables.

    Presentations & Ebooks

    Summary presentations and formal ebook reports in PDF or Powerpoint that allow for more involved discovery of findings from your study.


    One page visual summary of data in PDF format to quickly allow readers to comprehend the key points of your research project.

    Motion Graphic Video

    Short animated videos that use motion graphics, narration, even real time video to brings research findings to life.


    We offer standard prices based on the complexity of your data.


    Low Complexity: $1,500

    High Complexity: $3,500+

    3-4 day turnaround


    Low Complexity: $2,500

    High Complexity: $3,500+

    3-4 day turnaround

    Video & Motion

    Low Complexity (2 mins): $4,500

    High Complexity (3+ mins): $5,500+

    7-10 day turnaround

  • Need some chart inspiration to use in your next research report? Download our free Powerpoint Template with 20+ cool chart types for market researchers.


    Thoughts and visual ideas for researchers

    I've heard it said that all charts are scatter plots, which makes sense when you think about it. Charts are really just shapes where distance and size matter in a data-specific way. Scatter plots show two relationships, so distance from the Y-axis and X-axis matter. But take away one of these...
    April 24, 2020
    Bullet Background The bullet chart is a fantastic visualization tool for researchers and data nerds. It’s a great option when you are trying to show a lot of information in a small space. Created by Stephen Few, it was designed to more efficiently display information at a glance, and also lends...
    June 11, 2019 · Learn
    I know a few of you (at least) may be thinking… why the heck do we as researchers have to care about better visualization in our reports? There are 3 things I’d tell you: 1. Expectations Client expectations are rising. The amount of good visualization they see out in the wild is increasing....
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