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Weight Loss & the Art of

Table of Contents Design

How to shed PowerPoint pounds in 2016

Hopefully this title is ridiculous enough to get your attention! So what does weight loss have to do with table of contents pages? Well, in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, I think we all need to commit to shedding our PowerPoint pounds and losing some weight. It’ll make your reports cleaner, and who knows, maybe even put less people to sleep.

One easy way to shed some pages is by combining the Table of Contents Pages & Executive Summary. Why not have one page that does both? Check out a simple example below.

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To make it even more compelling, you can eliminate the Background, Methodology, and Appendix sections altogether and blow out the Key Recommendations. Aren't Recommendations really what clients are paying for anyway?

Happy New Year! Hope you lose 20 pages by December.

- VisibleMR